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Discover Deltaville with Norview Marina as Your Guide.

Updated: Jan 3

Nestled along the serene waters of the Chesapeake Bay, the picturesque town of Deltaville, Virginia, proudly holds the distinguished title of the Boating Capital of the Chesapeake Bay. With its prime waterfront location, Norview Marina seamlessly connects the enchanting waterways of the Chesapeake Bay with the captivating charm of Deltaville, serving as the perfect launchpad for maritime exploration and unforgettable adventures!

Waterfront Delights

  • Sailing Adventures: Set sail on the Chesapeake Bay, exploring its serene waters and discovering hidden coves along the coastline. These sailing destinations in and around Deltaville cater to various preferences, from calm and sheltered areas to more open waters for those seeking a bit more excitement. Some great places to sail and explore are Jackson Creek, Stingray Point, the Piankatank River, and Windmill Point.

  • Fishing Escapades: Cast your line into the bay’s rich waters, teeming with an abundance of fish waiting to be caught. When it comes to fishing in Deltaville, Virginia, anglers are spoiled for choice with a range of prime spots along the Chesapeake Bay. Here are a few excellent fishing locations and what they are known for:

  • Stingray Point: Known for its diverse marine life, Stingray Point offers excellent fishing opportunities due to its proximity to deeper waters. Anglers frequent this spot to catch a variety of species, including striped bass, croaker, flounder, and more.

  • Jackson Creek: This calm and popular area is ideal for both recreational and sport fishing. Its tranquil waters attract anglers seeking speckled trout, redfish, spot, and other species.

  • Piankatank River: The expansive Piankatank River, easily accessible from Deltaville, presents a range of fishing opportunities. Its deep channels and grass flats make it an attractive location for catching speckled trout, flounder, spot, and croaker.

Onshore Excursions

  • Local Cuisine: Whether it's savoring freshly caught seafood at local eateries or engaging in lively conversations with friendly locals, visitors can experience the genuine hospitality that defines this charming town. 

  • Here are two great options that locals love:

  • The Galley - Situated along the waterfront, The Galley is a renowned culinary gem that offers a delightful array of seafood delicacies. From succulent crab cakes to mouthwatering shrimp scampi, each dish is crafted with the freshest catch, ensuring an authentic and flavorsome dining experience. The Galley's welcoming ambiance and scenic views of the bay further enhance the enjoyment of every meal. (Will share an image here of restaurant)

  • J&W Seafood -  A true cornerstone of Deltaville's culinary landscape, J&W Seafood stands as a testament to the town's rich maritime heritage. Known for its commitment to providing the freshest and highest quality seafood, J&W Seafood offers an authentic taste of the Chesapeake Bay's bounties. Whether you're craving a classic seafood boil brimming with local blue crabs and seasoned shrimp or seeking to relish the delicate flavors of freshly shucked oysters, J&W Seafood caters to every seafood lover's palate. (Will share an image here of restaurant)

  • Historical Exploration: Explore the depth of the area's history through visits to museums and historical sites, where the captivating tales of Deltaville's past unfold. Nestled along the shores, the town embodies a maritime legacy spanning centuries—from its origins as a prized Native American fishing ground to the bustling shipbuilding era of the 19th century. Evolving into a hub for recreational boating in the 20th century, Deltaville retains its profound maritime heritage, epitomized by marinas like Norview Marina that allure present-day sailors. Preserved in museums and local narratives, Deltaville's maritime legacy welcomes visitors to delve into its vibrant history, encounter the artistry of boatbuilding, and embrace the enduring ethos of a community shaped by the sea.

Norview Marina stands as a gateway to the region's concealed wonders, extending a warm welcome to seasoned sailors and newcomers alike with its contemporary facilities. Featuring a varied selection of slip rentals tailored to accommodate vessels of all dimensions, our marina assures a safe harbor for guests seeking sanctuary for their boats. Supported by our experienced team, we're dedicated to providing expert guidance, empowering every visitor to fully immerse themselves in the exploration of Deltaville's encompassing waters.

Plan Your Journey

With Norview Marina as your starting point, chart your course to explore the wonders of Deltaville. Whether it's a weekend getaway or an extended voyage, the beauty and tranquility of this hidden gem will leave an indelible mark on every visitor.

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